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Eden Mountain Lodge is Pet Friendly


WE ARE NOT A BOARDING KENNEL...NEW in 2019 We do offer fenced in areas adjacent to the Larkspur and Buttercup Cabins. No Guests loose dogs on property permitted near cabins. There is plenty of property in the fields and woods beyond to run your dog free. Thank you!
Your pet MUST BE CRATED if you plan to leave your pet alone in the cabin while you are out for a short-term absence. If you plans will be taking you away for over an hour your pet must accompany you.  Violations will result in a cleaning charge.

Please follow our pet rules. We are doing everything we can to continue our pet friendly policy. Dogs outdoors left alone must be in the fenced in area. No Guests loose dogs to interact with our working Sled Dogs, thank you.

The UN-Chained Gang's Eden Mountain Lodge allows pets
to stay at Luna's Larkspur, Foxglove and Buttercup cabins.  We also have dogs coming to stay with their humans that are being trained here for skijor and dog sledding.   We love our dogs and know that many people share our philosophy - pets are members of the family.  If you enjoy vacationing with your furred friend, please call and discuss it with us! 

We have revised our pet friendly policy as our Canine Consciousness Project has matured: our dogs are free-range and Eden Mountain Lodge is their territory.  As a five generation pack and human-raised pack, they are incredibly, warm, friendly and caring with humans - but naturally territorial with visiting canines.  For your dog's safety we must know that he or she is NOT aggressive towards other dogs, is well behaved and that you understand that he or she must be leashed when outside. 
As we've pursued our unique experiment with keeping free range sled-dogs, we have learned that they are pack animals and that even if your dog isn't aggressive, having a new dog around can be seen as a change in the pack dynamics, causing our loving dogs to assert themselves for their spot in the heirachy. You are free to leave your dog in the cabin and come to visit our friendly dogs if you kame arrangements with us ahead of time - our doggies love to visit.

We have a spacious, fenced dog run that gives your canine friend a chance to enjoy the outdoors while you relax.  We provide furniture covers to allow your pets to sit on the couch  with you!   Our full kitchens allow you to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks so you will not have to leave your pet out of your dining plans. Pets must be crated when you leave your cabin.  A large complimentary crate is provided.
Eden Mountain Lodge is a home-away-from-home for all members of your family!

Please call us at 802-635-9070 to discuss bringing your dog.

We do have protective guidelines and rules in order to offer our pet friendly lodging option.

.Please understand that traveling from home is a stress for your cherished friends.  But with some extra attention to their needs, safety, and well-being, their visit here will be pleasant for everyone concerned.

  • Your pets must be well behaved and house trained.
  • Your pets must have proper rabies, distemper, parvo, and Kennel cough vaccines.
  • Your pets must be flea free.
  • You pet must be crated if you plan to leave your pet alone in the cabin while you are out for a short-term absence. If your plans will be taking you away for over an hour your pet must accompany you. We are not a boarding kennel.
  • Do not leave your pets in the guest dog run if you leave the property.
  • Your pets must be on a leash while on the grounds or kept in the fenced in, enclosed area.  There are many forms of wildlife here - including porcupines - not advisable for your furry friend to tangle with one.
  • You may not under any circumstances bring your pets near our dog runs or allow your furry friends to escape and come exploring. 
  • If your pet likes to cuddle on the couch with you. . . you must please cover all the furniture with provided cover sheets.
  • You may not leave barking dogs in your residence while you are away — please consider the needs of others at our wonderful, peaceful sanctuary.
  • You will be expected to pay for any damage that your pet may cause.  

* Please call us at 802-635-9070 or email; edenmtlodge@gmail.com, if you have any questions. 

Due to inherent traits that could result in severe injury or death to our staff, i.e. our husky pack, we cannot accept pit bulls.