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Vermont is an antiquing paradise.  Flea markets abound in the spring, summer and fall.  If you love antiques you may want to reserve the Log Home as it is a very comfortable trip back in time, decorated with antiques and interesting curiosities.  It is a perfect cosy nest to return to while you are out antiquing to your heart’s content!

Driving south from Eden Mountain Lodge on Route 100 you will enjoy the scenery and will find a number of antique stores open all year long.  In the late spring, summer and fall you may also find lawn, barn and garage sales at homes and churches where you may find some great treasures – or not!  The adventure is in the looking and who knows what surprises you may find!

Meanwhile, as you meander through the picturesque villages you can take in the sights — Vermont is replete with historic churches, homes, farms, covered bridges and wonderful scenery.  Most devoted antiquers love to take pictures for their photo albums or to fill a wonderful frame to put next to some of their treasures when they get back home.  

As you explore you know that you have a soft, warm, cozy home to come back to where you can sit on the porch, explore the grounds, take in the views or enjoy the night sky after a great meal. Whether you cook at your home or enjoy a good meal in one of the great restaurants, large and small — Vermont attracts great cooks, organic farmers, and chefs. Watch the night sky, filled with stars as you take in your favorite nighttime beverages or sip some wine that you have discovered at one of the local Vermont wineries.  (Enjoy your herbal tea, Vermont roasted coffee or wine with one of Vermont’s Artisan cheeses and/or chocolates from one of our local chocolatiers!)