Eden Dogsledding Eden Dogsledding


"Wanted to take a minute to write and say what a beautiful and wonderful time Chris and I had staying at the lodge. It was really very hard to leave. I should have taken you up on the offer of another night. Chris put me to work immediately on our return cultivating new gardens at the house!"

"Hope all is well with you and that Flash and the gang are having a blast in the summer weather. As soon as we have the pictures that we took developed I will email them to you just for smiles.... I miss everything — the view, the pups, good conversation, and Hockey night. You really made us feel at home. As soon as I can nail Chris down on the date of the next vacation in September I will be in touch.... until then stay safe."

"We did stop at Stowe on the way home, and although it is a charming village, it was a bit too touristy for my taste. Your neck of the woods is just what we like."

"Hope to come back next year, maybe in the fall or winter for a change of scenery!"

"The puppies were lots of fun, I wish I had gotten some pictures of them. Rose is a sweety, she was my favorite! Hugs to them all!"

"We had a great and relaxing time at Eden Mountain Lodge. The cabin was so spacious and comfortable. The dogs had fun swimming in the pond, and we really enjoyed just hanging out by the fire and not have to worry about the day to day stress of our usual lives."

"A beautiful spot! A "cool" lodge! You were a gracious host. We really enjoyed our stay."

"Thanks for a great time. The setting here is beautiful- perfect really for what you are doing. The kids really enjoyed the winter sports, especially the dogsled ride. Good Luck!"

"Thanks, The place is great and so are the trails. We will be back next year for sure!"